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“Ketamine treatment saved my life. The improvement in my depression was almost immediate and long-lasting.”
“I was hesitant to try ketamine treatment, but it was a game-changer for my chronic pain.”
“Ketamine treatment significantly reduced my PTSD symptoms after just a few sessions.”
“I have treatment-resistant anxiety and depression, but ketamine treatment gave me a new hope.”
“Ketamine treatment was scary at first, but the positive effects on my mental health were worth it.”

“Catalyst Changed my mindset. That thought process. The way I think.”


“I don’t find myself getting overwhelmed by little things anymore!”


Written Testimonials


“Ketamine, the anti-medicine medication. May is Metal Health Awareness Month. I have battled depression & anxiety most of my life, and PTSD for 10 years. I have done therapy most of my life, EMDR for 4 years, I’ve been on every type of antidepressant. Nothing has ever worked for me. I finally found my happy place in Jackson, WY riding bikes all day and just enjoying life. But after having my first baby in December I found myself with a new kind of depression, which brought up a lot of old stuff. I had looked into ketamine years ago, but it was hard to access.

I looked it up again in Feb and this time I found out it has grown immensely due to the success rate (90%) for treating mental illness. I ended up choosing a clinic 5 hours away in UT called @catalyst_clinic. Ketamine is normally an anesthetic. During the IV infusions you have an out of body experience (pretty trippy) But it’s not the presence of ketamine in your system that works – it’s what it does to your brain after that causes you to heal. It creates new neural pathways that allows you learn new ways of processing information.

I’m skeptical of everything, and I tried it out of desperation and IT WORKS! I had 6 treatments in two weeks. It’s basically achieving the same goal that you would have with years of therapy or meds, but instead it’s forcing these changes on your brain in a very short time period. I wish I could have had these treatments years ago. It would have saved me a lot of wasted time and money. It’s been crazy to go through situations and take a step back and realize I handled it differently than I would have before. My brain feels like it’s on my side for once, and not against me.

I can personally say it has helped with depression, anxiety, PTSD episodes, and addiction. It has helped in ways I didn’t even know it could. If anyone wants more info please reach out to me or @catalyst_clinic. I know this can potentially help so many people, and I want everyone to be aware that it’s an option for treating mental illness.”


I honestly had lost all hope. Catalyst was my last effort to be able to control my depression. I had tried every category of medication and they just didn’t work for me. They were so patient with me while I worried over every little thing. They truly listened to me when I voiced concerns. Tessa is the most amazing person I have ever met. Her alone made a huge impact on my life. Every member of their staff is awesome. Catalyst offers a calming and comfortable set up so you feel at home during treatment. I am so glad I found them. Worth every penny and more.



I may not have been the typical patient… any short term depression/anxiety I’ve ever experienced has consistently been connected to specific events. However, I have had some serious traumas that left me with PTSD triggers. Im older so trying this treatment was a bit out of my comfort zone. ‘Im SO glad I took that chance! The PTSD has subsided. My mood has elevated and I have a new found energy that seems to be a treatment-product of less attachment to old ways of thinking about certain people or issues. The staff at Catalyst are warm, professional, caring and reassuring. Tessa was attentive, her follow through is amazing and I felt well cared for throughout every treatment. Worth Every cent. Highly recommend!



After a bunch of time spent researching and talking myself into it, I finally pulled the trigger and decided to sign up for ketamine therapy with Catalyst Clinic. They were welcoming and informative. I’d say the biggest part of this, from my sessions, is music. You need a good playlist that’s about an hour long, conventional music doesn’t seem to sound right when on ketamine, I found that melodic music or electronic music is pretty great for the experience. A good album I recommend is “Music for Psychedelic Therapy by Jon Hopkins”. Definitely worth it but I wish insurance would cover it. Maybe In the future? Everyone there is great but I felt like Tessa and Dane were the stand outs here!

Jacob K.


Just stop wondering if this is the right place for you & go to catalyst clinic now!! BEYOND helpful and patient and understanding! I’m pretty sure Tessa is heaven sent and made me feel so comfortable! This place is truly a life saver.

Kait H.


The staff is the absolute BEST! Everyone is so friendly and caring. Would absolutely recommend! Ketamine completely changed my life and I’m so grateful to have found Catalyst and the work they are doing to help others.

Chelsea M.


These guys are awesome. They have super friendly staff who know what they are doing and make the whole Ketamine infusion experience a great one. Highly recommend them to anyone considering doing Ketamine infusions.

Trevor B.

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