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Migraine Treatment in Pleasant Grove, UT

New Migraine Treatment Provides Fast Relief for Patients

Migraine affects an estimated more than 10% of people worldwide, occurs most often among people aged 20 to 50 years, and is about 3 times more common in women than in men. In a large US survey, 17.1% of women and 5.6% of men reported having migraine symptoms.

Thanks to years of research and new treatment options being made available, with one of those being ketamine infusion therapy, many of those who have migraines are becoming more optimistic about beating this horrible condition.

Ketamine for migraines has a very promising success rate in helping those who are considered treatment-resistant and have not responded well to other medications and therapies. Ketamine also provides relief fast, unlike many of the other medications that can take weeks or months to start working.

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What Causes a Migraine?

Migraines are a neurological disorder characterized by moderate-to-severe pain that usually presents on one side of your head. There is actually no known cause for migraines, but you may have triggers that bring them on such as: Stress Hormone imbalances Additives in food Changes in the weather Dairy products Alcohol consumption. If you suffer from regular migraines, you know they can last anywhere from a few hours to several days. This can interrupt your regular activities and work in a major way. Symptoms you may experience during an acute migraine episode include:
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Fatigue
  • Sensitivity to light and/or sound and/or smells
  • Facial pain that may radiate to the jaw

Any of these symptoms can leave you feeling frustrated and helpless.

How Does Ketamine Help Treat Migraines?

Ketamine is a drug that’s generally used as an anesthetic because of its sedative impact on your central nervous system. It’s been used effectively beyond its traditional purpose to treat symptoms of depression, in addition to migraines and other chronic pain conditions.

To understand how ketamine works to minimize migraine pain, you first must know how the drug functions in your brain. Ketamine works by obstructing neurotransmitters from reaching the N-methy-D-aspartate receptors (also referred to as NMDA receptors) and docking with them. These receptors are located all throughout your brain and spine and are very significant in the development of pain.

Because the transmitters can not bind, the pain signal simply cannot be sent, and the person feels a substantial decrease in the seriousness of their pain.

The Ketamine Experience


During your migraine treatment in Pleasant Grove, UT, we go above and beyond to make sure all of our patients feel as comfortable as possible in their own private rooms. Infusions typically last 45-60 minutes for mood disorders, while infusions for chronic pain conditions require a larger dose.

A number of patients refer to a “dissociative” effect, and most of our patients respond positively to this sensation. In many cases, this dissociation effect is what aids with your treatment and delivers a positive response to ketamine therapy.

These are all ordinary components of the treatment. You will always remain in a safe atmosphere with our team there to monitor you and be readily available during your infusion.

Does Ketamine Really Work?

If you’re suffering from chronic migraines, we understand you want relief as quickly as possible. In one recent analysis that was performed by Thomas Jefferson University, a study was conducted on sicty-one patients over three years for five-days of IV ketamine therapy sessions.

Among the sixty-one patients, forty-eight of them reacted to the treatment instantly. That produced a 77% end result, with 40% of individuals receiving continual results. Research suggests that it can work rapidly and bring relief to many individuals within one hour.

Is Ketamine The Right Treatment for Me?

Are you among those who have not responded well to other treatment options for your migraines? Recent data has shown if you are in this group of patients, you might be a good candidate for ketamine infusions.


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