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Vitamin Infusions

Let’s get to the root of it.

Vitamin Infusions: The Ultimate Boost for Mind and Body

Need help recovering from that sickness?  Need to increase performance for an upcoming event? Just wanting to feel at your best? 

In and out in 1 hour – schedule a vitamin infusion today

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Performance and Recovery
Vitamin Infusions

1000 ml saline

Vitamin C

Vitamins B1, B3

Vitamins B2, B5, B6

Gluatamine (amino acid)

Arginine (amino acid)

Ornithine (amino acid)

Lysine (amino acid)

Citrulline (amino acid)

Carnitine (supports metabolism)

Magnesium Chloride (nutritional supplement)

Zinc (supports immune system & metabolism)

Manganese (mineral – bone support)

Copper (mineral- helps make red blood cells)

Selenium (antioxidant)

Decandron (corticosteriod; anti-inflamitory) 

Toradol (NSAID; anti-inflammatory)

$175 per infusion

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